Hello there! 
      Names Matt..short for Matthew, but if you call me that, I might just kill you! :D
      14 turning 15 in two months ;D 
      Single ;)
      Straight ;) 
      I can do online relationships... If you REALLY want me to ;D 
      From California.. Feel jealous :P 
      I surf! But its not fair, my brother has a better board than me D: 
      I can play the guitar and drums! ;D JEALOUS YET?! 
      I flirt! ;D ALOT!
      Um talk to me! Yeah... my brother wrote that on his walla so imma steal it :D 
      I would write down the music I like, but I like everything :P 
      @WelcomeToParadise My brother... He sucks and you should not go and fan him :P He's got too many girls raping him already =.=
      Later ;D
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    Your bedroom ;D
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    3 years ago

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