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Born To Run

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The Curves AheadThe Runaway MateDon't Judge A Girl By Her StardomRock Star's Daughter { A Blake Mcnarie Novel }

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Another great chapter dangerous girl. Your characters have real world problems without easy cliche solutions. Every choice has consequences. It's...
The Curves Ahead

I respectfully wish to differ. Self image can color everything. She does talk about family, acting, and being funny. It is just that being "fat"...
The Curves Ahead

I always say write what you know! I was familiar with the term, I just wasn't sure. Besides, now we can claim your story is educational!
The trouble with kissing bo...

I must confess, I had to look up "fortnight". It does not seem to have common use out here in California. I hope I don't look like a grammar Nazi...
The trouble with kissing bo...

Well done, And well presented. Have a good day! Or even better, have a HAPPY day!!!
The Curves Ahead