I'm 20 and I love to read and write. I spend most of my time reading or drawing. I read a lot of anime books. Its anime that got me into reading, write, and drawing. If you like my stories please let me know. I'll try to write more of them as the years go on. I also take story ideas and suggestions if anyone has any. I can also take request for stories.
Some of the types of stories that I write are:
and anything at people might want me to write.
I love wolves and fox. My native american name is Spirit Wolf.
Well that's all about me, please enjoy the stories, and have a great/ dark day/ night.
Tsume Timberfox XD

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Mana has a magnet in her left hand and is pointing it at a spring.
The spring moves slowly towards Mana.
Mana then points the magnet at lock and the lock also moves towards her.
She then points it a windup key.
The windup key moves towards her.
Mana sees a hammber near by and points the magnet at the hammer.
The hammber moves towards Mana.
Mana then sees a car and points the magnet at the car.
Instead of the car coming to Mana, she is pulled to the car. "Whoa!" is all Mana can say.
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