Hi everyone! i hope you enjoy my books :)
      I love all my fans tho i need more! Yea im not the best at making book but im not like
      all thoes people with billions of fans and views. I am starting to learn how to make good boks by  observing how others are made. 
      Im 14 i am SINGLE!  But hopefully not much longer since i like this boy in my keyboard class.
      5 FANS  [NO]                        5 VOTES[YES]
      10 FANS[NO]                      10 VOTES[NO]
      20 FANS[NO]                      20 VOTES[NO]
      30 FANS[NO]                      30 VOTES[NO]
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Dear Lee

Social data: 20 reads. 2 votes. 2 comments.

Description: This poem is about a girl writing to her love lee!


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Hunny bunny.

Hunny bunny.

98 3 4

A short poem about a guy getting a bunny for his hunny! This was my first poem so i tried my best.

My opinion on the way life is now!

My opinion on the way life is now!

21 0 0

This is about how i feel about the world and the chapters are about many differnent things, if you agree...

14 and Pregnant?

14 and Pregnant?

3.6K 25 14

This is about a girl named lizz and a boy named zeek who dont listen to there guidance counsuler and go...

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