If you know me irl (yes girl especially you) get the fuck out of here. I have a reputation.


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I don't know what to say here anymore. I'm fifteen, Filipino, Chinese and Spanish and other than reading and writing, I draw and babble and cry a lot. Most of my time is spent on thinking.

With regards to this account, I'm actually only using this right now to communicate with my followers (I love you guys, by the way. So much.) and to unleash my feels towards anime and manga. Sometimes I also read my own works to get motivated for updates, but the feeling doesn't last because I'm not very good with fan fiction.

Feel free to talk to me and send me hate!

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Crimson Thread [Book 1] [editing/revising certain chapters!]

Social data: 284K reads. 5.8K votes. 792 comments.

Description: "The strength of one's will is dependent on the kind of person who owns it." Such words accurately describe Uzumaki Naruto. However, there is one other person who fits this sentence perfectly: Fuyu Kohana. Ignored for a part of her childhood for s...


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Russian Roulette

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Lessons of the Heart [Bleach] [Ulquiorra Schiffer]

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'Nihility is having nothing and having nothing to lose. If that isn't "happiness", then what is?' Lili...

Guys seriously though are we not allowed to make stories exclusive to followers only? I don't want anyone else reading my stories and getting their hopes up.
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Okay logged in again. Just want to say that thank you so much for continuing to vote and comment on my shit. You guys are so cute; I'm really thankful for having such supportive readers. 

By the way, do any of you happen to know if I can still make my stories visible to followers only? Because I'm going to do that to all of my works on this profile.
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Everyone's comments on CT and TD are so annoying. You guys are so fucking annoying why do you insist on embarrassing me huhuhu.
No I'm half kidding I'm very very happy that you bother to even comment at all. Why are you even reading this shit? Seriously. CT and TD was just a long, stupid phase that made me flunk a lot during my first years of high school. Stop reading them.
But like seriously stop trying to embarrass me.
Love you guys though.