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This is an account for @xStarGirlx to do Fan4Fans. You know what? You should go fan her! And ccheck out her story! It's in out Lib! :D

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It dragge on a bit, and there are spelling / grammar errors, but all inall it was a good read. I like yoir plot and character. Do remember to make...
20 Seconds Of Pure Embarras...

some humor here! I'm sure this will appeal to readers of thse genres! Good job! And, good luck with your story! I'm sure it will go far! ;D
The Nation Charmer-Book 1

This was really professionally written. No grammatical errors. The plot is suppper ujiunique, I dont think I've ever seen anything like it on...
The Nation Charmer-Book 1

Fantasy is not a genre I like to read, but I guess I liked this. The spacing, however, is doubled - it's an easy fix on most browsers. Click edit...
Revenge of the Rogue Angel.