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Hey there people of Wattpad! IF I FAN YOU, AND YOU WISH TO FAN BACK... DON'T FAN ME. Fan my friend here- @TrilliumAngel I'm sure she'll be twice as awesome XD lol And her books are awesome too! (score!) haha!

My friend convinced me to join this site, and she also has an account on here. I might as well give her credit, huh? Love ya @TrilliumAngel ! It'd make me super-duper "happy-as-a-clam" happy if y'all would check out her book, "To Love A City Boy"

A few things about me? Well, where should I start...?

-Love to write
-I sketch a little
-I ENJOY making covers when I'm bored :) (It's random and I sometimes make covers for other peeps)
-I enjoy working in quiet places
-Not very talkitive in person, but I sure know how to write a lot! :D
-I put a lot of effort forth in everything I do
-I can be a real biotch when I have to be
-Hate swearing, never swear (hence the reason why I misspelled a certain word up there lol)
-Wish I had the guts to watch a horror film
-Love dancing
-Romance books are the real deal
-Werewolf is everything I ever want to read
-Fantasy=getting a little boring here
-Horror=MY FAV!

I could write more, but *shrug* don't really feel like it right now haha! At some point I will be posting a book on here, but I'm mostly in it for the reading :) 

'Sup. There are these three books that I think ya'll should check out at some point. They're really awesome:

"World's Ending" by theolddarkness
"The Perfect Mismatch" by beautifulatsunrise
"Iron Petals" by alleyneangel

Just simple looking them up and reading the prologues would help. Just-Just read them :P 

~Anastasia, your TorturedBeauty :)


Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

2 parts / 5 pages, updated May 25, 2012PG-13
Katherine Blake was the sister to a powerful, yet young female mated to Alpha Max. She's forced to visit Alpha Carson's son, Ryder, with the rest of the unmated wom... read more
298 reads votes 25 comments 15
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