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Name Bond. Michelle Bond(;
Location The Seam, District 12, Panem. Yeah, Im a Seam kid(;
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Hey people that are interested enough in reading this.
The name is Bond. Michelle Bond(;
Just kidding, although I wish it was because that would be kinda, err, EPIC.
Hehe, ok guys, somethings about me?

Age: 13, although Ill be 14 in July!
Pets: 2 chihuahuas, 1 american eskimo, 2 cats, and a parrot.
If I had one superpower: To fly of course!
Future career: Hostage Negotiator or FBI, and part time writer.
Siblings: One younger brother we adopted from Korea!

Favorite color: Mint green!
Favorite animal: Penguins, omg :3
Favorite TV show(s): Bones, Psych, Nikita, Lost, Warehouse 13, and last but not least BURN NOTICE!
Favorite anime: Bleach, School Rumble, Shugo Chara, SKET Dance, and some more that Im too lazy to list.
Favorite Bleach character: Kon, Kisuke, and OF COURSE Ichigo!
Favorite activity: Manhunt, drawing, reading, WATTPAD!, acting, and playing *drum roll* hide&seek<3

Other things include; Im super fun and silly and Im always happy(: I love getting fanned and getting comments and votes, it means a super duper lot to me. Im happy to read other peoples work if they read mine and I really like making book covers! I like proofreading for other people a lot, so if you need an editor once in a while Im all ready! My friends mean a lot to me<3 
Without their support I wouldnt be the writer I am today. 
 @Gabtashash <-- this girl right here. Read her stuff, shes good(; OH OH OH AND SHES MY FAVORITE WATTPADDER AND SHE HAS THE BEST IDEAS EVERRRR. She helps me with my writing so shes sorta awesome.

Also, my other account, xJamehx will have my newest story soon! Not sure of a title yet, but hope you enjoy.
Check out that accounts' story called The Pack. Hope you likeyyyy(;

Michelle Bond.


The 100 Theme Writing Challenge

The 100 Theme Writing Challenge

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 03, 2012
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Australia / ON HOLD

Australia / ON HOLD

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Brianna Bellsong is the new girl in Sydney, Australia. With her Dad gone, her brother at college, and a mother with less than a little free time at her new job, Bri has ... read more
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The Diary / ON HOLD

The Diary / ON HOLD

4 parts / 5 pages, updated Feb 10, 2012PG-13
Sadie Fletcher is a normal girl living a normal life with the guy best friend, the amazing personality, popular status- all things she has but never asked for or wanted. ... read more
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Deceived: Maybe for the Better? / ON HOLD

Deceived: Maybe for the Better? / ON HOLD

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They were to be put to the test. A compatibility test, that is. A strange figure leaves five kids a note. ~Stay together and survive. Separate and die... read more
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Haha! Yea, same thing happens to me.
The 100 Theme Writing Chall...

@Gabtashash Its not horror, its more like a action/adventure. Not sure if I even want to do romance in it even though it was not original plan....
Australia / ON HOLD

I KNOW I KNOW! @Gabtashash , but I want to start working on this new story that im entering in the Watty Awards and it needs my full attention!...
Australia / ON HOLD

Hehe, sorry i was updating! Ill text you 2morrow. Im tired and im gonna try to start the next chapter.
Australia / ON HOLD

@Gabtashash Jk, jk :3
Australia / ON HOLD