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Alright.. About me.. I'm 18..

- I'm from Texas, but currently live in New Zealand with my second family who are from London.

- I've met Karl Urban and the lovely Lucy Lawless, who I thought did a stunning job in Spartacus. I also plan to meet Cliff Curtis and Simone Kessell if I can!

- I enjoy travelling, I've been to DC, Scotland, Ireland, England.. the list can go on for longer than the limit of characters i'm allowed to write.. (Not really :P)

- Yep i'm a writer. If i'm not out sightseeing with friends, i'm on Google Docs writing up story ideas or elaborating on 'em.

- George R. R. Martin is my legend, and if I ever got to see him, i'd run over, beat his reflexes, and give him a big ol' hug. Regardless if he thought I was a hug-rapist or not. Which I am.

- Despite my love for GRRM, I am straight. I am in no way a homophobic, but have never actually met a gay dude, truth.

- I play guitar and piano, and at rare occasions, I whistle.

Thanks for reading!

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Sweet peeps (a-z):
 @Ashygurl16 - Cutest girl ever, my sister!
 @CiaraLovesYou - The sweetheart that fails to bore me.
 @giggleandpunch - The sexy nerd who shares so many similar interests with me.
 @Lunarecliptica - My kiwi twin!! Wewwtica!
 @Mynameisnotforyou - My first friend on Wattpad!
 @Vivi_chan26 - The amazing super cool babe!


Crumbling Crown [Hault! -ed]

Crumbling Crown [Hault! -ed]

3 parts / 7 pages, updated Jan 10, 2012PGPictures
The land of Reinar is ruled by the power and cunning manipulation of six goal-driven guilds deploying any strategic or dirty tactic they need to get their personal... read more
596 reads votes 37 comments 47
Didn't you say "Forever"?

Didn't you say "Forever"?

4 pages, updated Dec 21, 2011GPicturesCompleted
Bikkit loses her Mother, her owner, her life and herself. Plunged into the dark unfriendly city, Bikkit finds out how cruel the world is to her, unsuspecting kitte... read more
328 reads votes 15 comments 14

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Crumbling Crown [Hault! -ed]

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Didn't you say "Forever"?

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Crumbling Crown [Hault! -ed]

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Crumbling Crown [Hault! -ed]

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Didn't you say "Forever"?

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