My name is Tina I'm from a  city near philly. Most people say I'm a bitch but :p well I don't care. I love having fun and joking around. If you can make me laugh then your a friend. I see life as an opportunity to take everything I can grabs and hold on to it. I love to dance I have been dancing since I was 5 and hope one day to make as an  professional. I listen to all types of music from pop to hip hop rap and r and b but I don't listen to country. 
      i love Milkshakes
      i hate sweat peas ewww
      i love reading
      i go to catholic school but im not catholic just a christian 
      i am kind of a tomboy i dont do that girly stuff
      and i straight but i dont find any thing wrong with gay/bisexual/lesibian people 
      and i HATE BULLIES  my cousin tried to commit sucide because he was bullied so if you se someone being bulled be a good person and help because you never know what might happen
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