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Pretty Little Bones

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Suddenly it all seemed so strange. All anyone saw when they looked at her was pretty little bones, becau...



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But the lies are so pretty

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The End of All Things

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I guess love is a lot of things.

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@shadow6162 Everyone's different. I guess some people need sympathy, who knows. 

That makes perfect sense to me. Really, anticipation is sometimes more torture than any real, physical torture could ever be. And it's not so much as having an excuse or a reason, it's that suddenly the choice is easy, so I think you've done a good job of illustrating that here.

Very true
TigerLily7 commented on Number Six - Chapter 5-Breakdown

@taylormonet It does seem like an overreaction, but not from Adrianne’s point of view. She’s been grasping at straws since the accident. She talks about how they’ve been best friends for years, and suddenly she has to force him to tell her things.
His brace doesn’t work anymore and he’s been in pain for weeks. He’s been talking to Jessica and never mentioned it. He’s been getting calls from some stranger for months. They find a dead body and for some reason he’s completely composed, making excuses, giving her direction. 

He talks about being normal, but he’s not normal at all.

She’ll do anything she doesn’t want to do just for him and yet, he continually blows off what she wants. They go to Whesterfield because he wants to. They’re late to class because he’s talking to friends. They can just go to the diner separate even though they’ve always gone together because he doesn’t want to joke around with her. She does everything he wants and he hasn’t given her anything in return.

Now he’s trying to tell her that this Jessica girl is like her, but Adrianne wants to see her as an opposite. That’s where all the “stupid, slut, gimmicky” subjective descriptions come from. Later, readers see Jessica is more than the shallow skank Adrianne wants her to be, but right now Adrianne’s cornered and Jessica is a threat. It’s kind of like she wants the reader to be on her side, so she’s fibbing. 

She’s afraid she’s being replaced and that it’s her own fault. Blake changed and she couldn’t, so she’s taking a step back. It’s better for her to burn than to just fade away.

Really, the girl is just the final push and all the jealousy is a desperate attempt to justify running away and running back again. It is selfish, but her back’s against the wall. It’s not about dating Blake or anything, it’s more of a “you can’t fire me, I quit” attempt.

Thanks for the comment! Hopefully you don’t dislike Adrianne too much!