hey guys i have been lazy to write a more detail presentation about myself so now i'm gonna do that :D

i'm not a fan of school, i mean who is? we have to go to school everyday, ok not the weekends but all the other days and then you got homework to work at home.! not only that, you have to do exams too! what more can i say to explain my hate for school?

Ok now to a less depressing subject. i like books! you can give me how many books you wants and i'll never getting tired of them. if i can choose then i'll read all day! My little book world oppened up when my friend told me about wattpad not long ago. i was like WOW AWESOME! i think it was a really happy day for me.

i love to eat too! i eat alot but never gain weigh. i'm really small and my mom always tell my i look like a chopstick -.- i have try to eat a lot to gain weigh but it's always the same -.- so now i don't really care and just going to eat everything i like!

i love basket! it's the only sport i'm not tired of. basket always make me happy! When i play basket then it's only the ball and me :)

well that pretty much me a 17 years teenage :) so now i hope you enjoy wattpad time just like me :D

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Omg YEA!!!! Percy Jackson FTW!!!!
ThuyHo009 commented on His Angel - Chapter One

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Delena FTW!!!!!!!!!! >.<

"I shall be fighting with my bow." I said; making sure that the other team overheard me. "But I'll leave Horologium to guard the flag." I told him.
LoL and that's fair?! XD Krono could just stop time or slow down time and knock out everyone that dare to come to get the flag xD