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Pfft, I can only let you guess who the one writing this is :DD
I, am your much loved Alex! :D I thought this shizz needed a change so here goes!

HI! We're your out-of-the-ordinary best friends who have way too much time on their hands. That explains why we're on Wattpad so often.


~Has lately become distant of everyone and everything, except her iPod, laptop and scrapbook.
~Loves drawing.
~Is hopelessly crushing on someone who she accidentally hit with a paper ball when she was aiming for another guy.
~Sees any kind of writing as an escape from the world.
~Is single :3


~Has the cutest baby brother ever.
~Has a hot older brother who unfortunately is taken. (Alex! Ew!)
~Takes her time with updates so, if we're later than usual, blame Phoebe.
~Loves beanie hats. So if you own one, you're her new best friend! :3


~Is an amazing songwriter, and writer in general.
~Comes up with her best ideas in the middle of class.
~Can't stay serious to save her life.
~Is a skilled runner.

Together, they are the three musketeers, Golden Trio of Our Generation, Former Addicts of Tumblr!

Follow Alex on:


EGASS series:

~EGASS - Evil Glares and Sexy Stares (completed - editing)
~NSI - Not So Innocent (in progress)

Trying to convince the girls that we need a third book in the series :3 If the first two keep being as successful as they are! ^.^


Talk to us, we don't bite~
Ahh, and don't fan unless you actually read our stories, please, I hate it when you only fan because you want people to fan you back.


Not So Innocent (EGASS sequel)

Not So Innocent (EGASS sequel)

15 parts / 27 pages, updated Nov 21, 2012PG-13Video
The three best friends are back! But this time, they've got their boys and they're famous! Yep, their band finally got their record deal! Follow Lili, Gabb... read more
440 reads votes 18 comments 13
Evil Glares and Sexy Stares (IS BEING EDITED! Watty Awards 2012)

Evil Glares and Sexy Stares (IS BEING EDITED! Watty Awards 2012)

34 parts / 66 pages, updated Mar 26, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Three best friends. Three love interests. And a whole lot of teenage drama... Gabby, Lizzie and Lili are three girls inexperienced in t... read more
1,942 reads votes 13 comments 39
Evil Glares and Sexy Stares Valentines Day One Shot

Evil Glares and Sexy Stares Valentines Day One Shot

5 pages, updated Feb 16, 2012R
Just a One Shot we made on one lonely Valentines...THIS IS NOT PART OF THE's just our romantic minds wanting the characters to go ... read more
68 reads votes 1 comments 0
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Mobile Boyfriend

@CrazilyInLoveWithHim Ahaha actually I had nothing to do with it! :D I was reading Double Act all the time she was writing! Until four in the...
Not So Innocent (EGASS sequel)

Hm...LMAO! I laughed XD Kabir is such a pathetic little bitch DX I want him dead D:
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@MCRKilljoyFreak97 Naw get your ass up and update! :D xx
Not So Innocent (EGASS sequel)