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Friends ask what started you to writing books. I tell them I was trying to impress a girl I was interested in. After I finished two chapters of the book, she and I went our separate ways. To this day, we see each other at a distance time to time. I look at her as the one who stirred my imagination. 
	When I wrote the Daygun story, I could see and feel the emotions of my characters. For instance, my father had a large role in the father and son relationship of Aten and Daygun. Some see it as a fairy tale relationship between father and son; I see it as being very fortunate. On numerous occasions, my father showed me sacrifice, understanding, and a willingness to just listen to me as I came to my own conclusions about a problem. This is the reason I am dedicating this book to him.
	For almost a decade, I have worked on and off towards the trilogy project. I have failed and succeeded at the same time in accomplishing my goals as a writer. It is my family, friends, and associates who make writing worthwhile to keep going forward with my endeavor. 
	Living in Waco Texas, I feel I am truly at home. I have moved around my home state for a career most of my life. I was just trying to find myself in the business world. I moved back to Waco and found myself in writing. I thought I had a purpose in life until I started putting thoughts down on paper. Everything changed when I was trying to impress one girl. It is funny how life changes you to become a better person.


The Story of Daygun (The Last Battle of Atlantis 1stChronicle)

The Story of Daygun (The Last Battle of Atlantis 1stChronicle)

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