Hello fans, readers and stalkers alike! I see you've stumbled upon my humble page - Please. Make yourself at home among the half-written smut and fandom randomness. I don't update the older stories much these days, mostly because I've moved fandoms and improved my skills significantly since then, but you never know... Maybe I'll provide something for the more popular of my works.


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My Boyfriend's a Time Lord

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Description: The Doctor kept seeing Melody... It was only a matter of time until they had a son. When Liam was told he could go to any school in the entire universe, it must have been fate that brought him to Ezibel Prince. He's ready to follow in his dad's foot...


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Oh man I just rediscovered that Wonderment story from forever ago. Such a great podcast that was. Perhaps I'll think about writing another one, but first I've got a birthday present to write.
Oh man I was watching a video I made a while ago with an older version of the Wattpad Layout and literally died laughing. We've come so far! n.n