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To start off with...this is a shared account by Rose, Aks and Laksh, 3 girls who planned to set out to change the world, but then decided to leave it as it is...

(Rose: Center, Laksh: Left, Aks: Right)

The following paragraphs below will give you a brief description of  us, written from a Third Person P.O.V. 

Talking to us, even after reading at your own risk.

Rose: Don't let the name fool you, she only does the pricking. She plays the mediator when Laksh and Aks fight. Lock her i na room full of books and she will worship you. Do anything to her friends and she will hunt you down. Yes, she is that nice.

Laksh: Has a chronic disease called awesomeness. She's supposed to be the editor...but the other two haven't heard of her since they established that. The best shoulder to lean on. Tough girl, inside-out. They say that only short men can be really mean people...Laksh is an exception. 151 cm to be precise.

Aks: more commonly known as "Queen of Babble" or "Glue-Girl" (For more details on that, contact the other two...never Aks...) Blah blah...Logan Lerman...Blah blah...Alex Pettyfer...blah blah...11 more. She is loved immeasurebly, by herself. Has been hit with a severe case of M.D.C.D (Mentally Dating Celebrity Disorder).

The picture above was taken during school, with the teacher babbling.

Yes, we are that cool.


Yesterday's Emotions

Yesterday's Emotions

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The Publicity Stunt

The Publicity Stunt

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Friendship For Dummies- One Shot

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Playing with Lightning

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You Again

You Again

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Love - Found & Lost.

Love - Found & Lost.

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The Beginning.

The Beginning.

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