Dia duit, everyone! Nice to meet you, I'm Ireland! You may call me that or Brianna, either is fine with me. My brother, Britain, told me about this site, so I checked it out and decided to make an account. My stories aren't that good, I know. I'm only a beginner writer, so I'll gladly accept any criticism. It helps me know my mistakes so I can fix them and make sure not to do it again. My crush..I only tell my close friends that, so talk to me a lot, and soon we can become good friends!
  Warning: Get me angry, hurt my friends or family, and i will shoot you.
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Music of all kinds

Best friends

Simply post on my message board or PM me if you wish to talk. Good day everyone.~

██10% Has a life
███20% Shy
████30% Listening to Music
█████40% Awesome
██████50% Lazy
███████60% Annoyed at My brothers
████████70% Craves for Chocolates
█████████80% Bored
██████████90% Crazy
███████████100% Irish 
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