(\)_(/) Hola random person!!
(='0'=)      *waves* 

-Friends call me Elle


-I ♥ reading & writing_*nods head coolly*_yup

-Random Facts-

-I like blackmailing people
-I find it hard to be serious
-I laugh at the stupidest things
-I sketch,play video games & write songs in my free time
-Im 100% random,so I say stuff out of the blue allot
-I speak fluently in sarcasm and gibberish
-Im a Nerd at heart but prefer the term Intelligently Badass (sounds much cooler)
-Im a Rebel cause life's just allot more funner when your doing things your not supposed to
-I feel weird when people hug me
-Im addicted to suckers *drools* :d
-I would ♥ to learn how to play the guitar,piano & drums
-I get bored easily
-Barney & things like that creep me out...0.0
-I have a bad habit of pushing doors that say "Pull" & walking into walls
-Even though I love romance,Im not a big fan of dating,it's just not for me -.-
-I hate carrots & JB xP
-I tend to be awkward if I find you attractive :3
-I love photography which is why I want to be photographer one day...
-I blush easily 
-Im shy around strangers but outgoing w/ my friends
-Favorite color is Violet 

Oh & one more thing..

*looks both ways before leaning down to whisper in your ear*
"Im a Villain!" "So shh!" ;)

When ppl say Im evil I just laugh & say:

"Me?Evil? Never! I prefer the term "Badass" ;D

♬-I ♥ Music

My favorite type of  music?

Well_*shrugs*_If I like it,I listen to it
I really have no type

Some of my fav bands are Linkin Park,Owl City,Every Avenue,30 S.T.M,Three Days Grace,P!ATD

Loading immatureness......
██████████████████ 100% Completed....

I drift off to la la land a lot..wait,what was I saying?

Oh ya..

"Come to the Dark Side!"
       "We Have Cookies!" :D

             Ain't he cute? ;P

Feel free to PM/Chat me whenever,I don't bit...much ;D

-Elle Out!!-  

*flaps cape and flies away*
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