^^ Hi, I am Marzia, a 15 year-old girl who is basically foodaholic, caffeine-addicted, gameoholic, shopaholic, bookaholic...well, you get the picture- I am addicted to a lot of things!
      Now, I am really bad at these 'describe-oneself' kinda thingys, so I am just gonna write random facts about myself ~~~
      * Loves- coffee, cuddly sweaters, messy buns, books, the smell of books, the hard cover of books,     writing, rain, snow, light colors, bed, pillows, fooood, interior designing, cousins, cute pictures, the color- black, Sherlock,  Fairy Tail, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, Doctor Who, Indian Dramas.
      * Hates (or is it hatreds? O.o) - judgmental people, sexists, racists, smokers, stairs, buses, exercise, neat-freakyness, cheaters, the color-pink, Sherlolly fans.
      *My awesome and exclusive talents- I can make any situation awkward, I am the clumsiest person on the face of this earth, I am a professional hermit.... (That's it. I know, it's kind of sad :( )
      *Passions/ hobbies- Dancing, singing, writing, drawing, inventing games.
      * Random words that are inside of mind right now- fluffy..purple zebra .....ilish ..orange ..audrey ...blue ..mustache ..nail polish.. pistachio..musicians...senorita... caliento.... solitary confinement.... corndog
                                   ~ = ~ You can never be old and wise if you never were young and crazy ~ = ~
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