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"I'm not a perfect girl
My hair doesn't always stay in place,
I spill a lot of things, 
I'm pretty clumsy,
But when I think about it & take a step back,
I remember how amazing my life truly is,
Just because I'm imperfect & that maybe, perfection is overrated" <3

¬Do what makes you happy.
¬Be with who makes you smile.
¬Laugh as much as you breath.
¬Love as long as you live.

~Live as if you die tomarrow,
~Dream as if you live forever.

♫.█▀█▀█ █♫█ █▀ ▀ █▀♫
♪..█♫█♪.█ █♪.█ █▄ █ █♪
.♫█♪.█♫█ █▄█ ▄█ █ █▄♫
...♪...♫...♪..♫...♪...♫...♪..♫ ...♪
....♫............▀ █▀ ♫.█▀█▀█ █♫█
 .............♪...█ █▄ ♫.█♫█♪.█ █   █
♫................█    █     █♪.█♫█ ███
 .............♪...█ ▄█     █♪.█♫█ ▄▄█
...♪...♫...♪..♫...♪...♫...♪..♫ ...♪...♫...♪
..♪.....█♫.▀ █▀ █▀ █♫
......♫█♪. █ █▄ █▄ █ ♪..
♪.......█▄ █ █♫.█▄ ▄.♫



Criminal Diaries (One Direction)

Criminal Diaries (One Direction)

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Apr 02, 2013PG-13Pictures
Pace is a criminal. She murdered a few people in her class, but she had her reasons. Instead of placing her in Juvie though, the authorities put her into a ... read more
1,901 reads votes 60 comments 20
Why I Hate (Most) Humans

Why I Hate (Most) Humans

8 parts / 6 pages, updated Mar 06, 2013PG-13
PG for minor cursing. This story isn't for everyone.
620 reads votes 24 comments 15
I'm not Okay, I Promise (One Direction)

I'm not Okay, I Promise (One Direction)

7 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 01, 2013Video
Phoenix had always been rejected; pushed around and neglected. At the age of sixteen, she was discovered. Now two years later, she's saving the beat... read more
6,879 reads votes 182 comments 48
Mute Girl Part Two

Mute Girl Part Two

1 page, updated Dec 30, 2012
Patricia is back and she's feeling better than ever. Although, she still has some fears to face. She still has some healing left to do and Cheshire is the place it's go... read more
3,606 reads votes 83 comments 46
Reality Check

Reality Check

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Dec 26, 2012
After two years of constant success, is it any wonder that the fame has gone to One Direction's heads? They don't even resemble the five boys that came to X Factor any more;... read more
648 reads votes 20 comments 18


26 parts / 24 pages, updated Nov 01, 2012GVideoPicturesCompleted
I’m mute. Oh no, don’t get me wrong; I’m not mute because I CAN’T speak, I’m mute because I WON’T speak. I’m the girl that never talks. Th... read more
513,305 reads votes 6,332 comments 829
Knocking me down (Sequel to Knocking On My Door)

Knocking me down (Sequel to Knocking On My Door)

16 parts / 20 pages, updated Aug 21, 2012Pictures
Angel had nearly become the most hated person in the world in the summer. Now summer is gone of and Angel is finally in London for college! ... read more
8,635 reads votes 246 comments 135
Knock Knock! (Knocking on my Door and Knocking me Down One Shots)

Knock Knock! (Knocking on my Door and Knocking me Down One Shots)

1 page, updated Aug 05, 2012G
Just little one shots to help me stay connected to my readers in between chapters. They focus on little stories from Knocking on my Door and Knocking me down characters. NONE OF THESE EVENTS HAPPENED IN THE ACTUAL STORY UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE! (:
222 reads votes 4 comments 0
22 Ways to Annoy People (An Entertain Yourself While Doing So)

22 Ways to Annoy People (An Entertain Yourself While Doing So)

1 page, updated Jul 31, 2012GCompleted
1,491 reads votes 57 comments 23
Dream This (One Direction Imagines)

Dream This (One Direction Imagines)

15 parts / 3 pages, updated Jul 31, 2012
13,058 reads votes 62 comments 39
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