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                                                 тнιѕ accoυnт ιѕ no longer acтιve. 
                                                 ι ѕтιll wrιтe тнoυgн and ιғ yoυ are 
                                                 ιnтereѕтed ιn readιng мore oғ мy 
                                                 ѕтυғғ pleaѕe ғeel ғree тo vιѕιт мe 
                                                 aт : 

                                            one dιrecтιon ιѕ ѕтιll тнe ғυcĸιng вoмв.
                                                     and ι wιll alwayѕ love тнeм.
                                                                 ι love yoυ тoo


Over Again™ (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Over Again™ (One Direction Fan Fiction)

35 parts / 207 pages, updated Jan 12, 2014RVideoCompleted
{ book three } Yet again the Whyte sisters are trying to pull themselves together after an attack from Rebecca and Megan, all the while Sash... read more
46,947 reads votes 955 comments 421
Don't Wanna Be Without You™ (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Don't Wanna Be Without You™ (One Direction Fan Fiction)

42 parts / 209 pages, updated Nov 11, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
{ book two } Sidnee has blocked every memory she has ever had out of her mind. After being shot by Megan she just shut down. Niall... read more
158,346 reads votes 1,155 comments 520
Shot Me Out Of The Sky™ (One Direction Fan Fiction) BEING EDITED

Shot Me Out Of The Sky™ (One Direction Fan Fiction) BEING EDITED

95 parts / 262 pages, updated Jul 03, 2012PG-13Video
{ book one } Sidnee and Sasha Whyte. Twins. Sisters. Best Friends. They go through everything together. So what will they have t... read more
640,619 reads votes 2,994 comments 353
Non-1D Fan Fiction ★Sheeran ☁H. Styles ♥Bel Watson ღN. Horan ♡Payno ☼One Direction ♫Stilinski ☮Tommo ➳

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