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G'day everyone!
Pretty disappointing that one of the only ways I can showcase my Aussie nationality virtually is via this greeting... anyhow- 
What's to know? Wellll

1. I am an inhabitant of Melbourne (hollerrrrr)
2. I am a major soccer fan, and I mean if I could, I would name my children Arsenal and Bayern, hahaa jk. But seriously, love the game!!
3. My ethnic background is Iraqi

4. I write purely because it is a form of release for me; just like running :)

5. I aspire to be a surgeon! And not due to heavy influence from parents or culture or whatnot, but merely because the human body is the most darn interesting thing that we can observe and I would love to witness the many medical miracles such a profession can offer :D

6. Give me peanut butter and banana, and I will probably favourite you on my contact list and make you my wedding planner or something. HAHA ok heavy exaggeration, but gosh I love PB

7. The last thing in the world I wanna do is judge someone based on their preference of lifestyle or beliefs/ whatnot, so if you wanna chat to me about what some chick did at a public event, you're knocking on the wrong front door girlfriend, because it ain't my business, and sure ain't yours.

8. I love science! Physics, bio, geo, chem, forensics, psych, whatever it is it intrigues me so much!!!! And global politics is freaking awesome. 

9. If you have a French, Cockney/ any other English, Russian or Bulgarian accent, please record your voice, reading a passage from Harry Potter because Jean Claude van Daaaaaayuuum!!

10. Will Smith, Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jude Law and the cast of Friends are my favourite actors! That probably gives you an insight as to my genre preferences...? 

'The best richness or profit a person can acquire is the richness and purity of a soul' 
Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) 

Comment on my board if you would like me to check out a story. I assure you that best feedback will be given ;)





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One human quality that we all share, despite our individual identities, is the need to belong. The cost of belonging, can be substantial. Many social groups could have different... read more
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Omggg this is so good ahh :D yes Yassir's POV would be just wow!!
Hearts Serene ♥♥

Aww thank you sisterrrr ;D hehe you'll find out soon ;)


Hmmm do you know?

gee this is good :D
Hearts Serene ♥♥