It's finally summer again :D
      I will be writing as frequently as possible, the only hindrances being summer assignments and scholarships. Other than that, The Faeyrwynn Prophecy should be making a lot of progress in the upcoming months. 
      Give my story a try, I've put a lot of effort into it! I know it's not extremely long, but I've been working on making the chapters more focused on quality, rather than quantity. Still, there's a lot going on, and I'd appreciate feedback on where to take my story line! As for helping out others, I really like to help out on wattpad(: I can't check out every single story, but if you PM me, I'll do my best!
      Feel free to vote, comment, and fan!
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      About my username:
      I was named after To Kill A Mockingbird, the famous novel by Harper Lee. I am specifically named after the main character's nickname. 
      Random trivial facts...
      ➭I'm in high school ;D (Class of 2014!)
      ➭The first book I ever read was 'Oh the many places you will go' by Dr. Seuss.
      ➭I always write better when I type, my sentences magically become more elaborate and pretty :)
      ➭Team Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon A Time fans know what I mean)
      ➭ Dr. Who fanatic. :3
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      TFP- Fantasy #131
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Description: Following his uncle's new job, Seth moves overseas to a quietly dull town. Starting over is all he's ever known for the past fifteen years, so it's not a complete surprise to have to finish off his senior year in England. There, he meets a stranger...

Holy cow guys, I am so sorry for being inactive. I want to write again I really do! Life has been so crazy as of late. 1) I fell in love. 2) I went to college.
      I'll try to get more writing done sometime in the near future! I appreciate you all. I can't believe my story is still getting so much attention - even in it's roughest stages! Thanks for your continued support <3