Hello :)
My Name is The Horse Whisperer (as it says up there) and i am one of the many authors on here. All of my books have to have something horsey related, otherwise there is no point in calling myself THW is there? My top book atm is The Impossible dream which is 9 chapters off completing!! Please go and read it!
I love a pony called Dylan! He is legit and i have been riding since i was 4 years old and im currently 14 (almost 15) so you do the maths. I also love P.E (specially horse riding and athletics oh and trampolining!) and Computing. :))
Please, if you have any questions, go ahead and ask them! i will not be offended unless they are really really stupid!! 
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The Impossible Dream

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Description: In one race Casey Jackson's life is turned upside down. Her father changes and it's not for the best. But when he goes out of his way to try and sabotage the farm it's in Casey hands to try and save it and along the way she discovers things that are...

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TheHorseWhisperer commented on Whisper - Chapter one

It's a good first chapter! I want to read more :) two things i would suggest though, make sure you check your work before publishing (errors can be a killer!) and the other add a little more description into your characters, setting etc. It will make your book come to life and let the readers associate with characters a bit better. But overall a really good start :) PLEASE UPDATE! :))
Followers, we are coming up to the final straight on The Impossible Dream :) thank you to those who have read the book commented and voted on it, because it means a lot. For my next book, it's called Interview with THW. Basically, you send in any questions you want, can be about me, about my books, about horses anything as long as its not:
* anything religious
* anything rude
* anything inappropriate
So send in your questions and they will star in the next book!
As for now can i ask any body who may be reading my book to tell me what they think in the comment section or by PM? i want to know what people think... :)
THW xx