Don't read my book, it is horrible and a waste of time. I will not update because the entire thing is a piece of shit 
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Pain, Rejection, and Humiliation. What about revenge? ON HOLD

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Description: This is a story about a girl named Rashel. She was bullied, then was humiliated by her mate with a public rejection. She finally leaves, but what will happen when she returnes.

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Remember (a short story)

Remember (a short story)

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This story is about a woman named Angel and her experience with the Rwandan Genocide (some parts may be...

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Well hello there, I hadn't seen this comment until now due to the fact that another reader happened to comment on this same chapter. I know this story is the biggest pile of crap ever, but I have asked all not to read it due to that fact. I wrote this story when I was very young and my writing abilities had not been fully developed at the time. Your comment holds much merit and value until the second to last sentence and the sentence preceding it. My younger self would have been crushed to read those sentences because I had put a lot of my time into writing this. Yes it is horrible and yes you have a right to your opinion but you may want to stick to the constructive criticism because the rest is truly uncalled for. If you didn't like it you didn't have to read it nor post that you "felt pity for the author". Your intent when writing this seemed to have started pure but got snarky and uncalled for. I don't quite know why I felt the need to respond to this, but I thought I should.