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Lemme name is Panda-san. 8D! ♥ You may call me whatever. oxo I dun mind. Anyways, I am a writer from Quizilla. ^ I am a yaoi lover, a otaku, loves music, anime, Korean dramas, writing, candy, and I love to draw my RPC. <3 I'm mostly on MSN and Facebook at times. I have a IMVU, if you do, PM me and I'll tell you it. xD

        (( You can check out my website above, but do not add me on may follow me on Twitter, but I do not accept random Facebook friend requests. )) 

I write alot of Fanfictions, such as Naruto, Bleach, etc. Also, I love to write Korean/Japanese stories, which I don't know why, but I've been fascinated with Korean drama (Coffee Prince, Playful Kiss, etc) and Japanese dramas... and I hope to one day make my current Korean story I'm working on will become a KD/JD. That is my dream, sorta of. It's a really stupid dream, I know. xD! 


Cats and Dogs Book One: -Completed.- 
Cats and Dogs Book Two: -Working on chapter two.-
I Hate Mutts Book One (AU Kiba Inuzuka Love Story): -In progress.-


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Current  favorite song: Migikate no Chou - Len Kagamine.
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Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous Disaster -Book Two.-

Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous Disaster -Book Two.-

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Sep 17, 2012PGCompleted
"What am I thinking? Kiba and I haven't talked in almost two months...."
7,496 reads votes 182 comments 99
Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous Attraction (A Kiba Inuzuka Love Story) -Book One.-

Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous Attraction (A Kiba Inuzuka Love Story) -Book One.-

18 parts / 32 pages, updated Mar 25, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
////COMPLETED//// Miyuu Aneko is a cat demon from the Aneko Clan. She lives with her mother and sister. Miyuu lives next to "dog boy" ... read more
66,295 reads votes 1,147 comments 156
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Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous ...

Sadly, I think this is stupid. Actually, no, this is stupid.
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@SusieMeep The squeal should be out next week or some time this week.
Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous ...

@kagomeuchiha98 @SusieMeep I'm sorry XD! Hahaha! I blame my twisted mind.
Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous ...

@animelover2175 Well, some time this week or the next. xD!
Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous ...