Yeah, so I'm not good at this.
Okay, here goes.

»My official pen name is Destiny.
»I'm very awkward.
»I love pickles
»Current obsession: 5SOS
»I don't exactly have the greatest common sense
»I don't know

So there. Thanks for reading this, I guess. *bows and walks into darkness*
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au revoir, mon amour

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Description: He always ends the conversations with "au revoir, mon amour." It's a simple whisper into the ear, his warm breath crawling down her neck, but no matter how many times he murmurs those words, they never fail to arise the thought in her mind that this...

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In 2547, everyone is programmed. There hasn't been an actual human baby born in more than five centuries...

A Boy Named Charlie

A Boy Named Charlie

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*Bianca Woods* A small, quiet 16 year old girl who loves quotes. Bianca struggles with anxiety disorde...

The Sun and the Moon

The Sun and the Moon

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The light and the dark shouldn't be compatible. They're complete opposites, so it's only natural... righ...

The Girl At The Tree

The Girl At The Tree

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Everyday, Leo Hunter walks by the same oak tree. Everyday, the same girl sits at the same oak tree.

The poor girl has a true struggle in front of her, to try and make sure her crazy roommate doesn't slit her wrists or being late to class. She wouldn't be Sarah though if she doesn’t pick the latte...
Oh it makes me so uncomfortable that "slit your wrists" is paired with being late to class like it's so casual. Please please please change this, love :(