Yeah, so I'm not good at this.
Okay, here goes.

»My official pen name is Destiny.
»I'm very awkward.
»I love pickles
»Current obsession: 5SOS
»I don't exactly have the greatest common sense
»I don't know

So there. Thanks for reading this, I guess. *bows and walks into darkness*
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Description: In 2547, everyone is programmed. There hasn't been an actual human baby born in more than five centuries. Technology has grown to be able to create the perfectly designed baby. Everyone is ultimately inhuman. But there's one way to become human. A...

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The light and the dark shouldn't be compatible. They're complete opposites, so it's only natural... righ...

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Everyday, Leo Hunter walks by the same oak tree. Everyday, the same girl sits at the same oak tree.

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5 Seconds of Summer Preferences

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5 SECONDS OF SUMMER YEAH Uh, so this is a book of preferences based off of an adorable band called 5 Sec...

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I find the red blinking "office" sign and rush inside. The short man behind the counter looks friendly enough as he smiles at me and asks for my drivers license. Getting a hotel room is much easier t...
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"Now come to bed with me." I instruct. He nods and stands up to pull his jeans off. When he removes his shirt he hands it to me. I love that he wants me to wear his dirty shirts as much as I want to.
sounds weird but alright. if you're into that I guess