Hello, this be Mona! 
There amazing,fabulous best friend. 
Aka: @Rawrrr_Its_Mona
I be here to do these sexy mofo's amazing bio, 'cuz you know, -laughs-, everyone likes my awesomeness. aha xD

-cracks knuckles- 
Where to begin,  lets see 
-strokes imaginary mustache-

They're amazing, handsome, and such sweethearts.
They're names be Jason, Alex, Austin, and lets not forget Joshybear;)
They be all single. 

Jason be 16-Bisexual
Alex be 15-Bisexual
Austin be 14-Straight
Josh be 16-Straight

AHHH!! -covers face-
They be threatening me with a water gun filled with pepsi, help!

They be tall as fuck,man! I MEAN TALL! (Ha! You still be our little peanut, shortie)

They do listen to your problems, and give hella good advice. But once and a while, give 'em a break, dont want them to grow grey haurrrr before turning 20 ey? lol


They love to mess with me, its not even funny. They're giants! I can't even reach the bottle. Not funny, you asses! (haha, its so cute how she jumps up and down tries to grab it. aha to bad you're not tall enough)

Anywhoorree, y'all should totally fan/follow these amazing sweethearts! GO GO GO! 

- Credit to the most amazing girl ever. @Rawrrr_Its_Mona  (read her stories, fan her too)

yourmumsdildo- kik us!

Need advice? or wanna ask a question? 

::People To Fan::

 -@Rawrrr_Its_Mona - She's amazing, such a beautiful youngester! Follow her, for us?

-@CCH0705 -He's such an amazing writer, fun to talk to, and an amazing friend! You should totally fan him and read his works. 

-you hurt any of them we'll hunt you down and personally kill you-

Bye, people!

"Do you feel like a man,
when you push her around.
Do you feel better now,
as she falls to the ground."
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