Hello, there!   

C. C. is thee name. Ten & Eight of age, but mentally and physically 5 years old. Filipno and I don't grew up in England, Immigrated here last 2010. I eat a lot so means? I'm chubby, I wear clothes with a size of 10. I live in the country side, In Devonshire. I'm a private nanny in London, working with a Cute one year old English girl and i love her. I'm the kind of girl who can live without make-ups and fashionable clothes, but what I can't live without is books and my e-readers(Kobo and Kindle). Wattpad is my paradise, I've been reading here since 2010, by that time I don't have account, I just kept on bookmarking the story that I'd wanted to read. Before Booksie and inkpop is the only site i knew. :)

I love positive, books, Linkin park, stars, tatoos and YOU! Im obsesse with history and literature and I think i was born in the wrong era, still hoping and wishing that there is really a time machine that can go back in the past.  

blah. blah. blah.

I read a lot, books is my drug ;)

My favorite author;
Paulo Coehlo
Charlaine Harris
J.K. Rowling
Suzanne Collins
J. R. R. Tolkien
and many more! :P

Friends? Yeah, Uhm, Just pm me & i'm gonna talk to you :P

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