HEY!! ;P
      My name is Tesla! (kinda in my username...)
      Things I like:
      -One Direction-- especially Niall Horan ;)
      -Mindless Behavior
      -Music in general!
      -Justin Bieber
      -Sweet Tea
      Things I DON'T like:
      -People who get in my way...
      -Critics (if you aren't gonna do it better, then don't tell others that they stink at it!)
      -ButterPopcorn Jelly beans... (blech!)
      -Poeple who say that beinga ginger is a bad thing ;P
      -Unsharpened Pencils...
      -Mountain Dew
      -M&Ms (just chocolate copies of skittles!)
      I am 13... And one of the youngest kids in my grade...
      Top of my class in spanish... HOLA! Còmo Estàs? ;P
      Drink my Tea with way too much sugar... It's sad really...
      I have long, curly red hair that I hate sometimes... except when it cooperates...
      I put all my best friends in my stories... If you look you can tell...
      I strictly play defense, mostly becuase I hate to run, and I will kill somebody for possession...
      My life motto:
      -If you don't fight for what you love, then don't whine when you lose it...
      / /    \ \
      FROG! ;P
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