Hey I'm TasteTheVengeance!!! ;D (or Emily if you like) 
Music, drawing and Writing is my life!

My Favourite bands/artists are:

Avenged Sevenfold
My Chemical Romance

My heroes are:
The guys of Avenged Sevenfold
The guy of My Chemical Romance
Kat Von D (I want to be a tattoo artist like her!)
Tim Hendricks (He told Kat Von D everything he knows, and soon he'll tell me!)

People to check out!
-@AdrenalineRevolver (Wattpad Bestfriend 1)
-@FallynxGatesA7X (My Synyster Gates fangirl)
-@AvengedSevenfoldGirl (One of the best writers on Wattpad!)
-@Syn_A7X_Fan (Super Buddy)
-@Vengeances_Shadow (My Wattpad Mother)


RIP Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan <3 I'll never forget you and I'll never stop loving you <3 foREVer in my heart <3
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BFF (Frank Iero)

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Description: This story follows the life of Eva Pliskin; a girl struggling to set her roots into the ground of New Jersey. It goes through the trials she has to bare and how a mysterious boy becomes her guardian angel.

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WOW! I final had a good look at everything since I left and HOLY POOP you guys are amazing! My stories were random things i wrote growing up so they're terrible but WOW! Thank you to all of you, I love you guys so much and I just can't believe what we've all created together! Thanks again your beauties, I love every single one of you <3 
She hasn't been on in pretty much 3 years. I hope just from out of no where she posts updates to every single book. What a thought. And you know how her location says "With Drewby <3" ? Well just think, everyone thinks she's taken, when actually her and "Drewby" don't even know each other or are mortal enemies...  
      Like I said... 
      Just a thought. :)