Hi there person who is reading this right now.
      I am a Wholigan or Whovian (whichever you want to call it.)
      I love watching Doctor Who, Black Books, Call The Midwife, Miranda, FRIENDS and The Mentalist :)
      I love watching old movies.
      I love movies from the 90's like The Craft and Clueless, but I love ALL movies
      I love reading obviously!!! 
      I read way too much for it to probably considered healthy.
      I like Panic! at the disco, Kimbra, McFly and I love The Beatles. Mika is amazing!
      I love spending time with my friends and family.
      And I love fish fingers and custard.
      And there are some more stuff I just can't be bothered writing/typing it.
      Yeah.... I know, I am weird.
      Oh and one more thing!
      KEEP CALM 
      DON'T BLINK!
      The Doctor-Knock Knock?
      Me- Who's there
      The Doctor- The Doctor
      Me- Doctor Who?
      Put this on you're profile if you love Doctor Who ♥
      You say Edward Cullen, I say The Doctor
      You say red and black, I say Tardis blue and regeneration gold
      You say Forks, I say the TARDIS
      You say Edward and Bella, I say The Doctor and River
      You say Jacob Black, I say The master
      You say Volturi, I say The Gallifreyan High Council.
      Put this on your profile if you love Doctor Who
      [ ] Single
      [ ] Taken
      [X] Waiting for that Brilliant madman in that wonderful blue box of his to fall from the sky
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