Well then...
I love writing stories (round of applause) and listening to music.
My music preferance goes from one extreme to another, examples of types of music I like? Well, Goes from Death metal to classic, country to Vitamin string Quartet, Pop to oldie, rock to punk. BVB, AA, BMTH, You Me at 6, D.R.U.G.S, Reckless Love, Nickelback, BFMV, Ed Sheeren, Annotations of an Autopsy, Whitechapel. So, i think there's something for everyone there. If there's any songs you want me to listen to i will do so gladly.

I love loads of books, i.e Harry Potter,  House of Night, Vampirates, Ology collection, The Enemy, Secret of the Sirens, Eragon, The Enemy/The Dead/The Fear, Skulduggery Pleasant...and i can't be bothered to say what else.

Favourite colours, Blue and Orange.

Yes. I have a British accent. I support Wales in the Rugby, Cardiff in the football and Cardiff Devils in Ice Hockey. 

My dream? I dream a lot. I sleep a lot too. 

Facts about me- I do Karate.
-I love Dogs 
-I enjoy going to rock concerts
-I'm neither a glass half full or a glass half empty, it's half full when the water's poured in and half empty when the water's poured out. 
-I have two main habits: Biting the inside of my cheek and biting the skin off my lip. 

Disney is my childhood, my life and future <3 

I love Nutella so much my mum now hides it from me. 

Here's a link to my poems http://www.writerscafe.org/Edible/writing/

It's a well known fact that my sister and I write stories and comment on each others work, the simple fact is, you mess with her you mess with me. Jussayin. 
Her account is XxGhostOfARose3xX 
She's a bit crazy, but she's completely stable ;) 

I love hugs & spiders.
Not hugging spiders.
Just hugs & spiders.
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