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I'M ON BOOKSIE!!!!!!! TakeMe. Same username. I have more material there than on here.

I'm Katherine. I'm going to actually tell the truth on here, because it's not like any of you will ever meet me in real life.

I'll admit it. I'm depressed.

I'm shy, but I do fine once somebody starts talking to me.

People say I'm weird, but I'm okay with that.

Haven't really had any good dating experiences. I've had three boyfriends and all of them turned out to be disasters. You'll probably be surprised to hear that I've never had my first kiss.

I have Daddy issues. My dad left my mom jobless, without a home, and with four kids. He always treated her like crap and always talked down to her, and a couple years before he left (when I was twelve) he started treating me the same too.

I've only been in love once. It was with one of my friends that probably had no idea how I felt about him.

I tried cutting before. I'm not proud of it at all. It was a huge mistake and I stopped over a year ago.

People always seem to trust me, so I end up having to keep a lot of secrets and have to keep it together, because that's what others expect me to do.

I don't have any close friends, except one. She's my best friend in the world, but I had to move away from her last summer. I AM looking forward to seeing her in a couple weeks though.

I hope this "About Me" hasn't completely depressed anyone. I just needed to say it "out loud". I'm tired of always smiling at people and having them not know, or asking why I'm not happy.

Don't think I'm completely depressed. My life is much better than it was a few years ago. My mom is happily remarried. He's wonderful, and I love him like he's my real father. I'm a senior. I have tons of people complimenting me on my writing here :D Thanks. I need it a lot. Reading and writing are my forms of escape.

My name's Katherine. I turned eighteen in August. And that picture at the top of the screen is me.


Five Months, Five Souls

Five Months, Five Souls

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You Stole My Darkest Fantasy...

You Stole My Darkest Fantasy...

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My Poetry

My Poetry

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Jan 04, 2013PGVideo
Everything here is 100% true. I've heard so many secrets. Comforted so many people. Talked to those who needed it. Been a shoulder to cry on and a person's steady rock. I can ... read more
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I Loved You

I Loved You

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A Few Thoughts...

A Few Thoughts...

1 page, updated Jun 23, 2012PG
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