I discovered my love for writing in 3rd grade, about 11 years ago. It started with a mandatory writing competition in school. My story was voted top of the class, and then top of my grade. I still have the little medal they gave me, hanging in my room. It was what sparked my love for writing.

I'm 19, turning 20 in August. I'm one of four children. My parents are divorced and both remarried. I have a rough history with my dad. For a long time, I wasn't able to forgive him, but recently, I did.

I'm so incredibly shy and insecure, but on wattpad, I feel free. Don't be afraid to message me! I love meeting new people and hearing what they think of my stories! :)

PS- Me and my cousin in the pic. Obviously, I'm the girl lol
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Five Months, Five Souls

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Description: 1763- I was twenty-one at the time. My parents had both passed and all I had left was my sister, Grace, and she was dying of smallpox. Maybe it was desperation. Or maybe it was selfishness that made me go to him. All I know is that I couldn't bear t...

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The Nightmare House

The Nightmare House

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Have you ever had a nightmare so real it terrified you long after it was over, even if it could never be...

You Stole My Darkest Fantasy...

You Stole My Darkest Fantasy...

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THIS STORY IS BACK UP NOW! MERRY CHRISTMAS! You stole me out of my very bedroom. When the drugs wore of...

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

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Everything here is 100% true. I've heard so many secrets. Comforted so many people. Talked to those who...

My Poetry

My Poetry

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Reading_Loveit posted a message to TakeMe
hey when are u going to update you stole my darkest fantasy coz I read it and finashed now but when I checked when u last updated it said in December 2014 so could u plzzz make time to update 


A/N: Has anyone experienced bullying? What did you do to stop it? Share with us your experiences and maybe leave a piece of advice for someone who is going through it.
I had frizzy curly hair, crooked teeth, glasses, and was in the band. I was bullied by a lot of people, but specifically these two guys. they were a year older than me (I was in 7th) and rode the same bus. They'd pull my hair, push me around, tease me.

One day I was on the doing homework and the guy decides to pull my pencil out out of my hand and break it. I told him to stop. He said, "Make me". I turned the other cheek. I pulled out another pencil. He did it again. This happened a few times and I was getting angrier with every moment.  These guys had been bullying me for two years. I pulled out my last pencil. When he reached for it, I stabbed him with it.

I promise I'm not crazy lol. no more than the lead went in. He screamed something about suing me and I remember yelling back "Then do it!" They didn't bother me ever again.

Then I dropped weight, discovered a straightener and contacts, and moved. I've been happy since.

I just wanted her to be happy. Then, I saw that she was interested in writing and had an account on a website. It wasn't hard to find out what her account name was, and then I saw some of her stories...
@theloyalhero ah. the connections we make lol could be. a lot of the rings I put in here are to make you realize, this could happen to anyone lol