The future holds many things but do we ever know what, it could hold secrets & promises that we won't know until the time is right. We all want to know what's instored for us but we could do unknown damage & make a worst future for ourselves. Everthing is revealed when the timing is right, not sooner, nor later but always when it's meant to be.

-I love anime, TMNT, & Charmed!
-I'm stubborn.
-I'll fight for what I believe in.
-How some kids cry to get OUT of trouble I cry & yell if I'm being accused of lying & telling the truth. Yeah I know strange.
-I'm as amused as a baby when it comes to humor!

Phoebe: It's not every day you find out the person you love isn't human, except in Piper's case.

Piper: But you said he was shot. Who would shoot a gnome? And why is the 'g' silent?
Phoebe: That's a very good question.

You say Jusenkyo Curse; I say mutations.
You say Anything Goes Martial Arts; I say Ninjistu.
You say red; I say green.
You say Ranma1/2; I say TMNT.
You say Ranma; I say Donatello.
You say Nerima; I say the sewers of New York.
You say Ryoga, Moose, & Kuno; I say Shredder, Foot ninjas, & Purple Dragons
You say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles suck...
I say shell yeah! Someone's gettin' a beat down.

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-Mirai Nikki
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