Do you pedal? 
Sexy time 
combine harvester!
d...d...d..drink it if you can!
My pythons are sick
It's WantedWednesday 
Dinking won't do it

"Follow the dream, work hard, inspire and be inspired" -Nathan James Sykes

Things about me:

-Want to marry so many celebrity's and book characters it's unreal.
-Love for disney, never too old. 
-I'm girly.
-I ship jaythan. 
-Love romantic books/films anything romantic, I just love romance in general.
-Love to draw and paint.
-I'm a sims 3 serial killer.
-If it wasn't already obvious I love the wanted. 
-Skittles are the best sweets ever.
-The 1975 
-Not a fan of one direction or Justin bieber.
-Love the avengers (Robert Downey Jr is beautiful) 
-Watcher of youtubers (Spinkle of Glitter, zoella, superwomen, Kingsley etc...)
-Lover of Zac Efron.

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Nathan Sykes FanFic: Best Friends Since Childhood

Social data: 119K reads. 1K votes. 505 comments.

Description: Isabella Roberts and Nathan Sykes have been best friends since they were in nappies, living next door to each other and their parents being such good friends it wasn't a surprise. Both having the dream to become famous, Nathan's dream to be a musici...

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