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Unusual [EDITING]

Unusual [EDITING]

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A teacher, A boyfriend, A friend, A student, Very unusual.

Awh *cries* you didn't think I wouldn't let them two be together did you? Hah! They deserve each other man, Jordell with his fine self. Right, thats the end of this story for good. I'm going to miss...
Thank you ☺️ Check out my other story 'Dr. Frost'
TStories commented on Jori - The lost and broken guy

NONONONONONONONONONO NOPE! I refuse to believe she's dead. Nope. Nope. Sorry but you're gonna have to rewrite this chapter Nat, with her and the baby alive cos boy, this isnt real nope I refuse to believe

Brandon's uncle is awesome man. Still happy she beat up Nicole tbh LOOL! "If I cum, I want it on your face" BRUHHHHHHHHHH BRANDON YH. I LOVE HIM URGH YESSS! I feel sorry for Erica though, this multiple personality; she needs to tell Brandon & her mum & doctor tbh, its worrying. I'm glad Kyle is better but he needs to SLOOOWWWWW down about he still thinks about Erica. Skn, Brandon will not be happy about this. Shankz is toooo dodgy, cant believe the old her used to sleep with him :( Her dad is also too suspicious man hmm. Brandon is out for the kill boyyyyy, but I dont want him to get caught or anything :( Ahh I LOVED this chapter!!!!! Next one asap pls! ;)