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I'm a girl, don't let the username give you the wrong idea :P
Age: you don't need to know that
Nickname: TJ
Fave Colors: Black, Blue and Orange
Fave Book Genres: Probs Werewolf and Teen Fiction
Some of my Fave Music artists
Avril Lavigne
Green day
Linkin Park
Pierce the veil
Bring me the horizon
And I absolutely LOVE Sleeping with Sirens <3
So yeah that's just some 
I LOVE reading. I'm finding it harder and harder to write Not Anymore, I mean I know what I want to happen in the book but I don't want to squish it all together
I love sports- football, rugby, hockey, netball, basket ball, rounders. I love all sports really :)
Please follow my on twitter and I will follow back: @CourtneykTJ
My Kik is TJCornetto so don't be afraid to add me on there.

I have an obsession with the Human Eye and Lips !! I don't know why, I just do !!

92% of girls would be dead if Justin Bieber decided breathing wasn't cool. Put this on your profile if you are part of the 8% who would be cracking up!

Awesome people on Wattpad !!!! @invisible_tears @MizzSpearkle @Shades0fGrey @u_cant_beat_me

Got a problem? Solve it
Think I'm trippin'? Tie my shoes
Can't stand me? Sit down
Can't face me? Turn around
Like me? Good
Hate me? Even better

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.... U..U

.. (&gt;o&lt;) ITS MY DAMN COOKIE

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.o&lt;( &lt;) But then i was like... sharing is caring...but.

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Not Anymore

Not Anymore

26 parts / 58 pages, updated May 18, 2014PG-13
This book is not edited, I'm going to wait until I have finished the book to get it edited so sorry for any mistakes. "I don't want you," he growled at me, "I ... read more
4,165,560 reads votes 43,397 comments 5,462
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