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Harry's Future

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Description: This is the first of several 'book's that form a fairly Canon bridge between the last chapter of Deathly Hallows and the Epilogue 19 years later.

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Harry Potter and the Children of the Clan

Harry Potter and the Children of the Clan

81.7K 1.3K 297

This is the third installment , sequel to Harry's Future and Professor Potter, putting more emphasis on...

Professor Potter

Professor Potter

184K 1.7K 129

A continuation from Harry's Future as Harry pursues the hopefully quiet life of a Hogwarts academic.

The Changemaker

The Changemaker

3.4K 93 7

An original novel written before the Harry Potter fan fiction efforts. A story in the 'contemporary hum...

Swissdog commented on Professor Potter - Chapter 23

Each stone was roughly half the size of the one on Ginny's engagement ring but with a similar cut and the exact color.
Yup.  I'm working from experience.  There was a time when in had to buy the wife a few different sets of amythest earrings and  I really couldn't tell the difference.
Swissdog commented on Harry's Future - Chapter 29

She settled for using some muggle hair gel but the effect was less than satisfactory so she sent him to wash it out and she would just have to resign herself to her husband's idiosyncratic
I are quite the vocabulator, isn't I?
Swissdog commented on Harry's Future - Chapter 46

"And of course, my life, my love, the one who never fails to pull me back from the edge when things start to spin out of control," he said looking down at Ginny, putting his hand of her shoulder, whi...
Wow. Cool.  A literary milestone for me.  Was it just to you or a group?
Swissdog commented on Harry's Future - Chapter 21

Ron and Harry had agreed not to exchange any gifts since their relationship as superior/subordinate might complicate things. Besides, what could they give each other that was anymore significant then...
I'm finding all this a terrible assault on my masculinity.