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Left Hand of Destiny

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Description: The sequel to The Changemaker. The continuation of the tale of Martin Adams in the Kingdom of Cairstain.

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Harry Potter and the Children of the Clan

Harry Potter and the Children of the Clan

87.4K 1.3K 305

This is the third installment , sequel to Harry's Future and Professor Potter, putting more emphasis on...

Harry's Future

Harry's Future

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This is the first of several 'book's that form a fairly Canon bridge between the last chapter of Deathly...

Professor Potter

Professor Potter

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A continuation from Harry's Future as Harry pursues the hopefully quiet life of a Hogwarts academic.

The Changemaker

The Changemaker

3.6K 141 7

An original novel written before the Harry Potter fan fiction efforts. A story in the 'contemporary hum...

I cansee where u might think that but remember the premise of the stories on the first place.  To explore the  19 year gap between the last chapter and the epilogue.  Is it reasonable to expect all the loose ends to be tied up just because one boy is going off to school?  Another book might start from here or maybe its your turn to pick up the narrative.  The first two books left a number of issues unresolved as well.  And lastly, nothing I do is half passed.