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Harry Potter and the Magic War

Social data: 109 reads. 12 votes. 11 comments.

Description: The fourth in the series begun by Harry's Future

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Left Hand of Destiny

Left Hand of Destiny

1.4K 56 3

The sequel to The Changemaker. The continuation of the tale of Martin Adams in the Kingdom of Cairstain.

Professor Potter

Professor Potter

217K 2.4K 190

A continuation from Harry's Future as Harry pursues the hopefully quiet life of a Hogwarts academic.

Harry Potter and the Children of the Clan

Harry Potter and the Children of the Clan

102K 1.5K 315

This is the third installment , sequel to Harry's Future and Professor Potter, putting more emphasis on...

Harry's Future

Harry's Future

269K 2.7K 494

This is the first of several 'book's that form a fairly Canon bridge between the last chapter of Deathly...

CarlAlvey posted a message to Swissdog
How should we comment to Wattpad?  Should we mention your issues specifically or is a general approach better?  Happy to comment and make them aware of the dissatisfaction this is causing.
Well folks, it looks like Wattpad's new format is having teething issues.  In the past I was always able to down load a .txt file to update my stories.  Now it seems they want me to write it directly onto the site.   Not gonna happen.  I've asked what's up but haven't heard back.  So for now, I won't be able to post my updates here.  Perhaps a few message from others might help.
BookChook posted a message to Swissdog
Thank you! You have no idea how happy I am right now! What would you like the cover to look like? 
      If you don't like the cover I give you please feel happy to reject it, I won't be upset.
kickingpat posted a message to Swissdog
This comment may be offensive.
Shit! Shit! My god! it finally started!!! Waaaaahhh I'm very ecstatic about it!!! can't wait to read it!! been reading the first three for I don't know how many time but this series  made me spellbound!!!! Good luck and have fun writing!!!!
BookChook posted a message to Swissdog
Hello Swissdog, 
      I am sorry if these messages are annoying but I was wondering if I could make you a book cover for any of your books. 
      If you don't want me to make covers please say so and I will not be offended but if you do want a cover just request in my Book Covers book and I will start yours right away. 
      You don't need any payment or follows or even a shoutout, please consider it?
      I'm, again sorry if these messages bug you,
      So bye.