Iм Laцяa ღ

               ♑ A тчрIсaL caряIcояn oвsessed шIтн мч cяazч LIfe

                                       ✍ шяIтeя aт нeaят

                                                               вIтcн If need вe

                                                                                      sшeeтeя тнan sцgaя

                                                                                                      ℒℴνℯ	 чa ♥

♄ Saturn is my Ruling Planet. Your's?
☒ ⓡⓔⓐⓛⓛⓨ ⓑⓐⓓ ⓖⓐⓜⓑⓛⓔⓡ
✞ Catholic and strong
☯ Keep your Balance
☮ Keep the Peace
♬ Love the Music
✰ Be a star
♛ You are Royalty
✈ Travel to your dream destination
☠ Ignore bad thoughts
☥ Know your past
✌ Don't be upset with my strange update timing
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SwiftAngel commented on Caine - Chapter 34

Lol how awkward, now her daddy must be like"you aren't sleeping with anyone yoyng lady." aweee I'm still pissed at Caine but he is on the road of recovery!
SwiftAngel commented on Caine - Chapter 33

@xXdemolitionloverXx Lol dude I think it's kinda brilliant Dylan is being nice to Charlie like how Blake is to Leila. I think this will play out beautifully . Also in class I found a friend reading Caine and we tottaly fan girled and died. Your global domination is in motion now ! thank you so much for the update I know sometimes y'all feel unappreciated but for real thanks! Caine is my favorite book from you by far!
SwiftAngel commented on Caine - Chapter 33

omg everybody is so against Charlotte and Caine. like Jesus they both have flaws leave it alone. Let's not forget Leila ordered the same thing to have what's his face to kill his father, the only difference is that this didn't work. If it had I bet everybody would have been cheering her on. Caine killed her only friend from the pack where she was bullied. Like hell I'd be mad too! He shouldn't have done that though it is true her actions do have consequences but Christ Caine hardly let's Charlie talk to anyone so how can she feel for the pups? She probably did feel guilt but let's be honest, she knew Theo more, who's death really impacts her more? Its utterly silly how everybody is picking sides when both can be justified though I personally agree that Charlie is kind being ganged up on. But that doesn't mean I don't see where Caine is coming from Lol let's be friends guys! let's all just calm down Lol 
SwiftAngel commented on Caine - Chapter 33

Well.... my heart has exploded. Poor Charlie. I feel trouble for her. It's good Caine is experiencing this. OMG ADAM SNITCHED DIDN'T HE THAT LIAR!!!!! HE IS THE REAL REASON WHY SO MANY DIED! And Alpha Dylaaaannnn wadddupppp. glad you made it and not Leila, though I'm learning to love her. Olga omg you are amazing and I appreciate your work!