Hello Everyone! :D I am Isabella! Over here is my twin, Cecilia! :D We are Vietnamese twins and this is *OUR* account! 

I Love  Anime & Manga ! <3 Cecilia likes them too but she is is more of a K-Pop and K-Drama person. So just to be sure which one of us ur talking to just ask :P 

I have a bunch of anime to reccomend:
Black Rock Shooter
Yumeoro Patissiere
Otome Yoki Zakuro
Fairy Tail
Blue Exorcist
Code Geass
Prince of Tennis 2 and MUCH MUCH MORE !

Yes we look alike, think alike, act alike =.= No we don't share a body or a brain. 

We will be writing our own stories but collaborating to write them. 

We are kind, devious, interesting, and idk we're random at times. Honestly I really don't know what else to say so uh just check out our stories! :D I hope you like~!

Cecilia's "About Me" :) 

Hii guys! I am Cecilia! I'm sharing an account with my twin Isabella! :D We like many same things but we are two different people with two different opinions about different things. We are gonna be writing books to share with all of you and we hope everyone that will enjoy. I'm a HUGE Kpop and K-drama fan! So ask me or share with me anything and I'll be open to your thoughts. 

Also with our books, we want anyone and everyone to have an opinion because your say matters a lot to us and in the end we will improve more and more as we listen to our diligent readers. I also thank the people reading this right now and taking your time :). It means a lot to us. We have different personalities that we are going to be both sharing in both of the books so don't worry if it comes out boring! ^.^ 

Another thing to say is, as you go along in the books please cast your votes and share to anyone that you know if! We need feedbackk! We won't be just writing books we will also be reading many also! Please recommend us anything that we might like! :D Thanks for visiting our page! Enjoy your Day!
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