Hey :D
      Emma, 17, Pansexual :3
      I likes it when people call me Emmure ;D
      SMOSH!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGpLHj-MVtk
      Call me a fake and I'll twist your neck and watch you suffer :) IM NOT FAKE.
      _DON’T LABEL ME_ 
      . . I'M PRICELESS . .
      I love kitties, puppies, unicorns, and fairies :D
      I'm cocky ;)
      Im annoying
      And Idgaf if you hate me or my personality :)
      Im pretty :D
      Single and waiting ;0
      My fave shows:
      Pretty Little Liars
      Lying Game
      Secret Life Of The American Teenager
      Zoey 101
      Jersey Shore
      Teen Mom
      Silent Library
      Suite Life on Deck
      Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
      Vampire Diaries
      True Blood
      That's all I can think of :)
      Fave Bands (singers, etc):
      Escape The Fate
      Blacklisted Me (WhiteWidoW)
      Sleeping With Sirens
      Porcelain And The Tramps
      Nicki Minaj
      Cobra Starship
      Picture Me Broken
      A City Serene
      Carly Rae Jepsen
      The Veronicas
      @Ilurvechu - He's amazing :3 Please please PLEASE read his stories and vote them :D They're really good :)
      @xLuKeHx - My Frosty :D
      @Theprettyreckless454 -  -.- no comment. XD
      @Magicalcupcakes - I just met her and she ish AWESOME! :D
      @ASmileThatNeverLasts - MY BESTIE! Our theme song:
      Faires fly high in the big huge sky! LALALALALA...BESTIES! :D
      @Dawwen_RAWRZ_ - My cute little mouse:D Hehe we love cheese :3 NO TOUCHY OUR CHEESE! Im his evil sidekick! And his cat is AMAZINGLY awesome!
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    Unicorn Land :D
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    3 years ago

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