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Name Someone :p
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I'm a beautiful butterfly :3 
Lolol jk
I'm a teenage girl living in the US of A! I have an awesome family and amazing friends. I love Britain and Sweden. I'm Swedish and British at heart but I will ALWAYS be Alfie's girl :) I'm a fangirl and I love writing. I hope that one day I can publish my poems or a story. I love all my fans :)

I had another account under this name and I roleplayed on that account. While I'd love to still talk to my friends from when I roleplayed, I will no longer be role playing

•Harry Potter
•Doctor Who
•Lord Of The Rings
•Percy Jackson (I'm working on the first series!)
•Black Butler

I ship like FedEx ➡ ❤

I classify myself as the gender of potato. Jk I'm a girl guise chill your beans xD

If you message me or talk to me or do anything that involves talking to me, I will love you forever so talk to me :D

My deviantart: Sweden1337

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Update soon please! I agree with whoever said they expected her to be a Gryffindor, but Slytherin is so much better ;) I really like the story!
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