WOW!!!! Watty Award Winner: "Most Popular Fan Fiction 2010" Thanks Guys!! How AMAZING is that??

My Works:

Still Dawn: The Saga Continues: This is my continuation of the Twilight saga!!
It is 6 years since Bella was changed into her vampire and we get to see just how perfect her life is, or is it?  With an upcoming wedding how will the Cullens react when the Volturi descend again? And just how far is Tanya prepared to go in an effort to split Edward and Bella? Will the family ever be the same again?

It is completed as of the 18th December 2010 and took me exactly 4 months to write after starting it on 18th August 2010. This was the first thing I ever wrote and it is so exciting to see how much you have all grown to love it!!

The FACEBOOK Page is: www.facebook.com/still.dawn.fan.fic

Join us there for fun filled trivia, competitions and to have your say on the story!!

Cullen Spooks: This is a one-shot I wrote about the Cullens celebrating Halloween. If you havent read Still Dawn then you might be a bit confused at some of the goings on!!


New Horizons: This will be the much wanted sequel to Still Dawn. The first Chapter will be posted on 18th January 2011. You will get to read more about Nessie and Jakes relationship, and the complications that may arise from it!! I have some exciting Ideas for this so make sure you keep an eye out for it!!

Join the FACEBOOK page for New Horizons by going to; www.facebook.com/new.horizons.fan.fic

~ALSO~ In the next couple of Months I will begin posting my first NonFanFic Novel! So I am hoping you will all enjoy that, I will keep you all posted on how it is coming along!!

I will read any story that you ask me to, however I ask that you do NOT write your request on the comments section of my work, but rather on my message board here!!!

Once again, thankyou to everybody who follows me on here, and on my facebook page!!

Much Love To You All, 


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New Horizons

New Horizons

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Twilight Fan Fic. Sequel to the Watty award winning: Still Dawn: The Saga Continues

Cullen Spooks

Cullen Spooks

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Hey, Susan. How are you today? You're pretty popular, so I've heard. Anyways, I have this cool competition that I was wondering if you could join. Poems, riddles, short stories, guessing games, and more, are all competitions in this Elimination Sensation. Only I gave it a creative twist. It would be amazing if you would join, and ask your 2.1 thousand followers to join, too. Thanks!