My name is Brie, and I write sci-fi and dystopian fiction. I tend to really focus on one project at a time, and right now that project is The Artist, my newest dystop fiction. I try to upload when I can, but with school and writing it might be a week or so between updates. Please be patient with me, once finals are over I'll be cranking out chapters like no one's business.

I hail from inkpop, the writer's site that merged with Figment, and I'm now on wattpad, Hexbound, and Figment.

I'm working on quite a few projects right now, feel free to stop by and check them out!

The Artist - dystopian YA fiction

Preparatory - sci-fi/dystopian YA fiction

Kickback - sci-fi/dystopian YA fiction - on hiatus

Freezer Burn - sci-fi/dystopian YA fiction - on hiatus

The Second Coming of Jessie Connors - sci-fi YA fiction - on hiatus
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The Artist

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Description: All it takes is a spark. Collins Marti is a welder in the futuristic country of Vascon, where she scales the buildings of its capital, La Vida, and creates skyscrapers. Even as one of the only girls in her profession, her life is going to plan; un...

Pretty bummed about Kickback being taken off :P Do you think you'll eventually bring it back or is it gone for good? I love it, great story line and very original!

@Wyntrr_End Most of the story is in English because English is my first language and the language that I write in. However, this story takes place in Spain. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Spain speaks English, in fact many don't. Although in the case of Collins' world there has been mass immigration of English speakers due to the nuclear wars, making English more prevalent, Spain's mother tongue is still Spanish and as Spaniards Collins and others speak it. Unfortunately in this version of the chapter I got a little crazy with the Spanish,  but it's meant to reflect the setting better. Not to mention there are many facets of Spanish- names, nicknames, phrases, and curses- that are better suited than English to what the characters are experiencing. :) thanks for asking!