My name is Brie, and I write sci-fi and dystopian fiction. I tend to really focus on one project at a time, and right now that project is The Artist, my newest dystop fiction. I try to upload when I can, but with school and writing it might be a week or so between updates. Please be patient with me, once finals are over I'll be cranking out chapters like no one's business.

I hail from inkpop, the writer's site that merged with Figment, and I'm now on wattpad, Hexbound, and Figment.

I'm working on quite a few projects right now, feel free to stop by and check them out!

The Artist - dystopian YA fiction

Preparatory - sci-fi/dystopian YA fiction

Kickback - sci-fi/dystopian YA fiction - on hiatus

Freezer Burn - sci-fi/dystopian YA fiction - on hiatus

The Second Coming of Jessie Connors - sci-fi YA fiction - on hiatus
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    Somewhere between Neverland and reality.
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Pretty bummed about Kickback being taken off :P Do you think you'll eventually bring it back or is it gone for good? I love it, great story line and very original!