Ayyyee! Well you found me! My names Carlissa, but since you're so awesome, you can call me Carli, or Lissa. Lol Umm.. I'm not good at these things, so I'll just put a bunch of Facts about me! :P 
~16 Facts About Me~ 
1. I'm super friendly and really nice, but don't push me, because I can also be a really big B****. 
2. I'm 14!
3. My birthday is July 16th! 
4. My hair is really long, it reaches my waist! 
5. I fell in love once, lol, worst mistake ever!
6. I'm a great listener, and give good advice.(or so I'm told)
7. I have 5 siblings. 
8. My 2 favorite sports are Soccer and Kickboxing!
9. Color Guard is my life!!! xD 
10. My middle name is Rae!
11. I'm secretly a ninja. ^.^ 
12. I don't trust very many people. 
13. I love making new friend!! 
14. "I smoked pot with a guy named Johnny Hopkins."(Step Brothers is the best movie eva!)
15. I think your beautiful!(:
16. My motto is, "You are who you become."
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