So I'm a teenage writer and artist. I love to write romance, tragedy, and I'm going to try and write horror here pretty soon. I have a hard time finishing stories because I end up getting ideas for new ones. I'm working on like...20 stories right now, none of them even CLOSE to completion so yeah. I love anime, reading, writing, role-playing, gaming, and music. My favorite bands are Paramore, All Time Low, Flyleaf, and a lot of others. I also love K-Pop and J-Pop. Examples? BoA and Girls' Generation (SNSD). My favorite series of games are Kingdom Hearts and (of course) Legend of Zelda!! So yeah, if you know me from my fanfiction account....YAY! Haha. On here is where I'll put my non-fanfic work cause I have quite a bit of that too so...enjoy! ^-^
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