Heya, I'm Angel. Yes, real name. I was baptised as Angel okay? 

So I live in India and wear chudidars and bangles and a big red tikka in my forehead. Since, I'm just 19 I'm already married since that's what people in India do and I speak really crappy english and we drive scooters here still and the basic form of entertainment here is the snake charmer. 


I'm Angel and I'm a roman catholic. I'm 19 and I'm a very successful student in college. I want to be a CEO someday. Yeah and I use an iPhone 5s so yes, we're well aware of technology. Honestly, I haven't seen a snake charmer in 19 years of my life ever. 

I love music and yes, I listen to english songs too. And I love dancing! No I do not wear pallus and I'm not dark skinned and I do not speak crappy english. Just because I'm an Indian doesn't mean I'm all of the things in the first para. 

So please just step out of your prejudicial shoes 'cause it's not the 16th century anymore. 

Thank you! 

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I really need a outlet. So here it is.

Akhyitah posted a message to SugarCandy6
Your bio is quite interesting :) 

but it leads me to ponder something. I am not trying to offend anyone out there but---

what is wrong with wearing chudidars, or bangles, or a big red tikka on a forehead. Scooters are cool, too. we have one in our garage although it is out of order. Snake charmers are amazing, well. As far as it is about crappy english, मुझे हिन्दी आती है, इस पर मुझे गर्व है। I don't mind if you think my English is awful.

I am not in a least trying to contradict you. But for those who actually have second thoughts about the mentioned things as orthodox---It is a part of our ancient culture. and we are proud of it. 

(I am sorry, I am going all patriotic on your wall, but I couldn't help it :p) forgive me if you're offened, please.