Hey, so many many people got offended by the previous description so changing it. 

Baby, I'm... Don't tell no lie, you cannot deny that beast inside....

O.O So I was listening to Animals by Maroon 5 and then just typed out the lyrics. Damn that song is addicting!

Facts about me:

1. REAL name is Angel. Emphasis on real.

2. I'm 19 by age, by mind I'm seriously just a 10 year old.

3. Chocolates. Love them. Any kind. Addicted to them.

4. Love coffee too. The smell of coffee... sigh... but it's addictive and not good for health so I just drink them once a month. Then what do I drink everyday? Milk. Not a tea person.

5. I'm a Leo and just like common traits in Leos, I'm dominating, have leadership skills, short tempered, generous, quick to make friends, famous, grumpy when I don't get enough sleep.

6. I love sleeping. Don't know why, but I can sleep for hours but am a light sleeper too.

7. If there's a subject I love then it's history. I think past ages were so glamorous. Anything could happen. I sometimes curse why was I born in this generation.

8. Subject I hate is Maths. Dude that subject was made to just torture people like me.

9. I hate Indian Engineering students. Maybe because they're snobby and have God complex. Same goes for medical students. But medical students work their ass off so letting them off easy. In short, if you're a science nerd, hate you.

10. I hats people who judge me but I myself am judgemental as f*ck.

11. Once upon a time I was a nicer version of me, the one who didn't swear and believed in love and all that. Now I'm just not nice but also not a complete bitch.

12. I'm a huge introvert. Still, I don't know how I make so many friends. I don't reply their messages, man I'm a bad friend.

13. I may come off as a complete rude jerk but if you get to know me I'm a big softy.

So if you want to be friends pm me, I promise I'll reply! And I take reading requests too. :)
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