Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works. - Virginia Woolf 

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All stories, songs, covers, manips, etc. are mine unless I state otherwise. Do not steal because I work hard on them. 

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I have strong obsessions with books, movies, TV shows, and music of all genres. I read them for enjoyment and study them for school. If you enjoy my stories and want to talk about them or if you simply want a friend or want somebody to talk to then message me any time. :) 

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Through The Eyes of a Secret Tigma - Book 2

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Description: Where did the world come from? How did they end up there? What was her town like thousands of years ago? They’re dangerous questions and when Lily Carter goes on a quest to find the answers, she finds out more than she was ready for. She goes on a...

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Through The Original Tiger's Eye - Book 3

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this comment made me so happy omg. I have watched gymnastics for years so writing this really made me worried that it would be completely unrealistic and it would turn people off the story. So i'm glad you enjoyed the story and that it actually brought back memories. That makes me feel better about the story :D