Status: Writing my first book today. Well the prologue atleast. I'm gonna write the next part tomorrow :) (1 year ago)


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Heyy!!!!! Lj here!!!! My friends call me Nialler because I have a crazy obsession with NIALL JAMES HORAN!!!!!!!!!!!! The best man on the planet as some of you should know!!!!

I'm a happily bisexual, single, 16 year old. 
I have a lunatic father who thinks scaring the shit out of everybody will get him what he wants. I was once scared of him but living with him long enough, he makes himself look like a fool. 
My beautiful mother who gets on my nerves but knows how to bring me back down to earth. 
Niether of them know that I'm bisexual. I'm coming out when I leave for college so I can leave them behind for good. My father is extremely homophobic and my mother is very religious so she doesn't approve of homosexuality and the fact that half of it is in me will destroy her. Oh well :)

I'm a boy directioner and my best girlfriends love me like crazy for it. People like us are hard to find ;)
I ship Niam, Ziall, && Larry!!!!! Niam being my most favorite. 

I love the stories on here, especially the Niam ones :))))))))))))) *Falls dead for 62 miliseconds* 
I HATE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She disrespected my gorgeous Nialler!!!!!!!!!!!! That stupid bitch. 
Sorry for all you "Swifties" out there. 

By the way I'm also crazy for Austin Mahone. He's kills me with that voice of his. I drop to the floor everytime I here it. I love Alex to (: They're both amazing. <33333333333


                                                                                                                                  Lj (A.K.A. Nialler!!!)
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Really loved this chapter. You leave people wanting more!!! Why must you do this!?!?!? Lol. Excited for the next one :)
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I wanna cut those dick heads.
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I agree with @lolzies980. I think Louis && Andy went out and then Andy cheated on Louis with Zayn. Makes sense right?
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This story is amazing!!! Please keep writing!!! I want a wedding!!!!!! :D
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Oh. Wow. Well prayers go out to you. Hope things get better and Google says your condition is non-cancerous but still. Get better.
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